The Irish National Party: ”A line has been crossed”

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This is a translation of the article Irländska nationalistpartiet: ”En gräns har passerats” into English, to enable our Englishspeakers to read it.
The Irish people acted when a migrant stabbed three children and a women. That led to massive protests and nationalist statements from a celebrated MMA-star. Frihetsnytt has contacted the biggest nationalist party in Ireland with questions about the current situation.

The events of the past days in Ireland shows that the Irish people has had enough of mass migration. After a migrant (reportedly an Algerian) stabbed three children and a woman, the Irish took to the streets in large numbers to protest the immigration policy. Frihetsnytt has written about it.

The authorities were not late to act. Though they did not focus on the multicultural violence that the Irish are facing. Instead did prime minister Leo Varadkar choose to give the police extended powers to crack down on those accused of committing so called ”hate crimes”. The focus lay on the rumour that ”right-wing extremists” were behind the protests.

One who soon found out the reality of this new policy was the Irish MMA-star Conor McGregor, who reportedly is under investigation for ”hatespeech” after criticizing migration and the government on social media.

Nationalists are acting

Some who do not close their eyes to the multicultural violence are the members of the nationalist party National Party (Gaelic: An Párítí Náisiúnta). In an official statement on its website, the party writes that the protests (which took place during the night before Friday) are an expression of the fact that a border has been crossed for the Irish.

The protest/riot in Dublin was a spontaneous and organic response to the nature of this horrendous crime and the revelation that the alleged perpetrator was a “guest” in this country. Whilst the National Party does not endorse any illegal activity, yesterday evening’s events were an outburst of passion in response to overt injustice, the statements says.

Irish nationalists are demonstrating in Galway. Photo: National Party
Irish nationalists are demonstrating in Galway. Photo: National Party

Through email contact with the party, Frihetsnytt has received exclusive statements from party leader James Reynolds.

What is your comment on PM Varadkar’s focus on combatting ”hate crimes” rather than the violence directed against Irish by migrants?

James Reynolds. Photo: Wikipedia/ National Party
James Reynolds. Photo: Wikipedia/ National Party

– The government has shirked any responsibility for the severe impacts of mass-migration into Ireland by laying all blame at the feet of the unnamed ‘far-right’. Leo Varadkar was never elected by the Irish people, he was imposed as Taoiseach in 2017 by a crooked vote within his party, as even the vast majority of his own ordinary party members voted for his opponent.

In the only election Varadkar has faced as Taoiseach, the 2020 general election, he led his party to lose a quarter of its seats and be beaten into third place. He does not speak for the Irish people. Instead of getting serious dealing with the existential crisis of mass-immigration, Varadkar plans to censor people’s very thoughts through an extreme Hate Speech law, which is totally in breach of article 9 of the ECHR.

How is the situation with migration and multicultural problems overall in Ireland?

The immigration situation in Ireland has spiralled out of control. In the past 20 years, over a million migrants have settled in Ireland whilst hundreds of thousands of Irish young people have emigrated for destinations like Canada and Australia. Mass-immigration is equally effecting both rural and urban Ireland. 2022 Census data shows that in inner-city Dublin, the Irish are now a minority in this part of their own capital city.

Meanwhile, in my own home county of Longford, the largest town is 46% non-Irish, whilst in some towns in Longford the Irish are now in a minority. I warned about this powder keg immigration issue during my campaign to be elected a deputy from the Longford-Westmeath constituency in 2020.

How does the Irish people view mass immigration to their country?

– Opinion polls show that 75% of people believe Ireland has taken in far too many refugees, which spiked in the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine War. This groundswell of disquiet has not yet transformed into support for a nationalist political party.

However, the latest election opinion poll released today (Sunday, 26th November) shows that 8% of people in the 18-34 age category intend to vote for “Other” parties than the ones usually listed. The media have not released the full data, but I would wager that the National Party and parties like us have made a subtle breakthrough among this demographic cohort.

With everything that has happened these last days, what are the priorities of the party?

The next election cycle is in 2024, with local and European elections in June, and the potential for a general election in spring. We intend to put immigration on the ballot, because the National Party will be on the ballot.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch people finally had enough and voted for a party which is best known for its opposition to mass-immigration. Ireland needs to follow suit. We want to give people a peaceful and democratic way to oppose the current open borders policy which is destroying the fabric of society and making Irish people into second-class citizens in their own country.


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  1. För mig är det helt otroligt att väljare i olika länder inte tidigare valt någon nationellt alternativ.

    Hur är det möjligt att såväl röda som blå kunnat fortsätta asylhanteringen ???

    Om folk i allmänhet hade haft mitt sinnelag hade 100 000 rasande medborgare stormat riksdag och regeringsbyggnader och kastat politikerna i Sthlm ström…(sommartid)

    Dementa åldringar blir hemlösa –men 100 milj.SEK/dag skickas ut via SIDA: Självklart är det brottsligt.

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